Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally...A first post!

Hey everyone! I am starting this blog to hopefully help out people wanting to become artists like myself. But, after going to James Gurneys blog, I see that i will not be able to put up a more informative blog than him lol. So this is basically going to be a sketch dump, with a little bit into the process behind the images, and other paintings im working on other than things for work. Anyhoot, here are some studies and sketches that I have been working on. I wish i could post some of my illustrations that i have, but i need to check with work till i can do that.

This is usually how I start a painting, with a black and white value study, into a color wash, then I repaint over the top of that. I dont reccommend just using a color layer and just leaving it as your color, its going to usually look muddy and digital looking. I only use it for a general idea of the color and saturations that i want in the image. Then I paint over the top with the true color i want there. And then start pushing and pulling that into cooler, warmer, neutral, or more saturated tones.

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