Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello everyone!

Another Copic Marker/acrylic sketch.  This one is of a bunch of tree people dudes.  Like a form of treant.  I find that working with markers has really helped me isolate my values a lot more to the big choice that I should make for whichever part im working on.  If you haven't worked with the medium before, its a  lot of fun and worth a shot!

Till next time!


  1. Hey man - awesome stuff and i love the traditional! You've been an inspiration since before i even started trying to draw back when i was looking at your sketchbook at CA.org for fun. Picked up a pencil and started trying to draw a few months ago since i have time now and i love looking at your stuff :).

  2. Well thank you very much! It's very motivating to know some people are digging what I do, and im happy that you're picking the pencil back up. If I can do this, anyone can lol, just takes practice. Keep up the hard work!